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Businesses flavoring machine made different sweet atmosphere of the space

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Sweet atmosphere oil in businesses and individual household environment is quite important, but please do not my hand is out of control to buy one treasure to aromatherapy oil dozens of pieces of their early one hundred s, vile indeed.


"Indoor large sweet atmosphere:" popular in recent years, the life of the marketing to relax, chief use for delight is a decorative, but what is indoor fragrance?

Please throw away those few money to buy no tacky sweet atmosphere, fire and don't and I mentioned, such as air freshener, toilet in addition to taste the ball "... Today will take you to get started.


Egypt is in human history the earliest recorded use of aromatherapy. Early egyptians began studying aromatherapy, according to jake eberts papyrus manuscript records, in 1500 BC, the egyptians knew with aloe vera, myrrh, honey mixed spice pain treatment, aromatherapy, also used in anti-corrosion, galbanum, clove, cinnamon, spices, such as meat, Chloe can keep physical immortality.

Japanese nobles said they sweet atmosphere into the game! Spices with seasons were six "plum blossom, chrysanthemum, lotus leaf, aide, deciduous, black".

The modern indoor sweet atmosphere is how to return a responsibility?

Expansion equipment, mostly foreign import movement; All aluminum alloy spray head; Metallic paint surface for polishing coloring, and do the coating processing; Microcomputer automatic control; Liquid crystal display panels; Four time Settings, each period free set 5% 95% concentration of aroma; Can be set up free working days; With power off memory function; Dust control system.

Use essential oils to match reaming machine, to use professional beauty tang dynasty natural sweet atmosphere oil well, because the human nasal mucosa absorb molecules large capacity, so a lot of essential oil molecules can enter the body circulation, figure a cheap with chemical synthesis of essential oils, caused the inevitable future trouble.


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